Redwood Renal Associates is a specialty nephrology practice in Eureka, California. We accept patients by referral, and aim to be your Renal Home for as long as you need us.

Some kidney issues are acute, and may be quickly treated, while for others, our goal is to prolong the health of your kidneys through careful management of your medications, hypertension and other medical challenges.

We hope you find this website and the links provided to be helpful.

Our Healthcare Practice

What is Nephrology?

Nephrology (a sub-specialty of general medicine), treats kidney ailments that cause high blood pressure and kidney damage. Your Kidneys are responsible for filtering and disposing of waste from the body, controlling blood pressure and adjusting the “chemistry” in your body.

When the kidneys don’t work well – problems with other systems develop. In order to treat medical kidney disease, a nephrologist must understand and treat other health problems that develop in patients with weak kidneys.

A nephrologist is trained in Internal Medicine and then a further three-year fellowship in Nephrology. To learn more about the various types of Kidney diseases for which you might be referred click on the button below



Redwood Renal

2505 Lucas Street
Eureka CA, 95501
Tel: 707.444.2534
Fax: 707.441.0344
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Telehealth & Visiting Specialist Center

2427 Buhne Street
Eureka CA, 95501
Tel: 707-442-4039
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Eureka Dialysis Clinic – Fresenius

2520 Timber Ridge Court,
Eureka, CA 95501
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Fresenius Medical Care McKinleyville

1550 Heartwood Drive
McKinleyville, CA 95519
Tel: (707) 839-4465
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